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Double-Your-DatingIf there are people out there who still don’t believe in the cocky & funny, QUIT DOUBTIN’ IT AND START WORKIN’ IT! … I’m not the hottest guy out there. I’m pretty fat, actually. But women hate how desperation smells, and if a beautiful woman sees that you’re not looking for just anyone who’ll return the conversation, and that you’re not intimidated by their looks, that’s GOLD, man, GOLD … In fact, it’s even worked for me at the office. Now, yes, here you have to be more careful. And it doesn’t substitute for competence. But my boss sees I’m not intimidated, and I get stuff done. In fact, today I just landed a $5K raise … You must be tired of hearing it… well, hear it again. Dave, you da man.

E. from Michigan


Been getting your newsletter for about two months now. Also got both your book and your DVD. They’re just unbelievably superb!!!! The stuffs in your book and DVD are so easy to be understood. It is like reading “How to double your dates for Dummies”. I was always nervous when I was around hot looking girls. Now, I actually have the confidence to walk up to them and ask for their emails/numbers. It’s such a big shift in such a short time. Composure is almost what the girls are looking for. Without it, they can sense you got no game. You really got the stuffs. It works wonders. I’m certainly still new to this and I am practicing everyday constantly. Big bow to you.

E.F. from Canada


Y’know, my mom actually wanted to comment on your program. She’s been teaching me and my brothers about what women REALLY want from men ever since I was very small. She’s been teaching us pretty much the same material that you cover in your book and advanced series (which I recently picked up by the way, I fell so much in love with the book I just couldn’t resist, it’s been GREAT!), and she just wanted me to tell you that you hit it right on the head! Her saying has always been pretty much: “Women don’t want a hard-ass, but women also don’t want a BITCH-ASS, either.” I have tried other dating success training, and this one is by far my favorite. There’s… one… that I tried before yours. Theirs isn’t NEARLY as good as yours, because the techniques they teach are way to unnatural, too analytical, doesn’t let you be yourself at all, and doesn’t work for everyone in every situation. Your service is the best I’ve seen so far, because IT ALLOWS YOU TO BE YOURSELF, while HONESTLY sparking ATTRACTION in a female, and automatically DOES NOT work on a woman with a stick up her ass! I can tell you put a lot of work into this, you’ve defiantly touched many lives. Not just for men, but women too. Thanks David.

C.D. from Texas

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Testimonials And Feedback Testimonials And Feedback
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